Status Transportation

Trustworthy and Topnotch Trucking Company in Orlando Florida


With a great number of motor carrier firms that are available around Florida at present, what makes Status Transportation a top choice when it comes to a wide array of services to owner operator trucking business?

For a fact, what makes Status Trucks stand out from the rest is the reality that the staff and the management understand the business from first-hand experience. In a nutshell, they are fully aware of what is like to be behind the wheel because they have also experienced and done things like that.

What is more, such experiences provide them a distinctive know-how in terms of what services owner operators prefer as well as how these services should be arranged and delivered. The company is dedicated to doing that in order to concentrate on what is valuable to their most treasured clients and be able operate a flourishing business.

What is more, Status Transportation does not fail in constantly reviewing plans and policies so they can easily adapt these to some changes in the business and for them to be able to provide their clients the best possible service- this is certainly one of their objectives to become the most outstanding trucking company in Orlando FL. That said, everything from the initial orientations, dispatching schemes as well as payment programs are especially designed with consideration of owner operator truck drivers. It is worth mentioning that numerous drivers have stayed with the company mainly because they were the one who opened their doors first and to boot they can bear witness to the unceasing expansion and success the firm have shared and taken pleasure in.

How does the Status Trucks team understand non-forced dispatch?

It is significant to note that owner operators that certainly come on board to this company have the liberty to decide how they prefer to operate their enterprise. Indeed, this comprises of having their voice heard on what loads to accept. It is delighting to know that this non-forced dispatch company comes with a kind of approach that empowers the drivers to call the shots.

2016-12-09_20-04-45In reality, the management understands that at times drivers might not have the needed time to complete a load allowably. Hence, owner operators may need to decline; however, just like in any form of relationship, this is deemed as a two-way route. The firm solely asks owner operators not to ask for more money per mile once they have agreed to a load.

More than that, each driver has diverse needs as well as preferences. Some of them may opt for running over the road for several weeks at a time while there are some drivers who prefer to remain closer to home and make sure to be back on weekends. It is such good news that the company has owner operator loads that are available in Orlando, Florida which provides them the versatility to provide their owner operators a type of pay plan that shall better suit their requirements.

In the same way, pay plan for owner operators on the road serve to drive for 3 weeks at a time- this provides them the access to Midwest, North-South and East-West long runs. In line with this, the company’s regional pay program enables regional drivers to stay closer to home through operating in their home state at least the 10 nearby states- they typically drive 5 days per week. Hinging on your individual needs and business scheme, one of these 2 choices shall perfectly suit your needs and preferences.

Essentially, the company also employs safety team that consists of a team of professionals who are always available to provide support to drivers and of course to assist drivers to remain tractable while ensuring that they have all the necessary tags and permits. Assuredly, owner operators need not worry about any issues in DOT since all the required paperwork is kept in order. Owner operators are encouraged to contact the safety department for any queries about hours, log books, insurance and safety regulations.

Owner operators at this firm also have access to trailer and tractor repair facility. This simply implies that owner operators can take care of their trailer and tractor repairs and maintenance in one area and this is absolutely equipped with licensed and well-skilled technicians and professional staff.

Moreover, as a very vital component of the company’s services, they can organize a mechanic account that drivers can use to save money on a weekly basis. Drivers can use this fund to take heed of the repair or maintenance problems at any moment. At Status, it is highly recommended for owner operators to set up a maintenance program that helps to look after your truck in order to ward off any sudden breakdowns or repairs.

Overall, the Status Transportation is reviewed as a very reliable and first-rate motor carrier since it does a great job employing only the prime professional drivers/owner operators in truck driving jobs market.